Westside Church Vancouver Corruption exposed

Westside Church vancouver
Westside Church vancouver

Recently the “Westside Church Vancouver” harassed and threatened a low-income man. This was not at a YMCA but at a so called “church”.  This “church” meets in a theater.  Even the YMCA welcomes low-income people and treats them with respect. How much more a so-called “church”?

The good news is the pastor at that time is gone.  Please read below his embarrassing exit:

Ex Pastor of Westside Church
Ex Pastor of Westside Church


It is absolutely appalling and even borders on a hate crime when a few corrupt and hateful hypocrites at Westside church engaged in a witch hunt against a low-income man living at Salvation Army.

When the low-income man, living at Salvation Army attempted to join the Westside church Kitsilano group, Pastor James, on the request of a few hateful hypocrites asked the low-income man to join only a men’s group.  A form of segregation and cast system.  The westside church used to meet at Granville Island Stage, and it promotes itself as “hip church”.  So I guess you have to be “hip”.  Not Christian, but “hip”.

Recently we caught them advertising  and targeting the rich and wealthy. We saw their “advertising sign”

Pastor JAMES BONNEY with his “game face” on Sundays

on First Avenue in North Vancouver.  That is where one finds not the poor, but 25 dollar spin classes, and 12 dollar smoothies.  And that is Pastor James Bonney area.  Pastor James Bonney was one of the main aggressors and supported the crucifixion of a low-income man.  Now Pastor James Bonney has been transfer to “North Shore church”

What is very frightful and disturbing is the level of deception. They claim to be a “loving community” and they even write on their website that they “love everyone”.   But they hide their backbiting and bitterness and put on a “game face” on their favorite day-SUNDAY.

Going back to the hate and witch hunt incident.

When the man living in Salvation Army said that he would go public with the discrimination and hate.  The hateful hypocrites tried to make a spurious accusations against him to the police.  They had the police come to the low-income man’s residence and threaten him.  The VPD have a reputation for acting like the personal Gestapo for the elite in Vancouver.

As such.  We are sure you agree that the low-income man suffered a crisis and severe affliction.  But he is too poor to sue or get justice.

However.  The higher-power must have been watching.  As we mentioned above.  The head Pastor, know

norm funk
Norm Funk is gone

as Pastor Funk, and Pastor James are no longer there. That corrupt “Pastor Funk” is gone.  Looks like Karma, or the law of sowing and reaping caught up with these bullies.  And if anyone is asking if the low-income man attempted to meet with Pastor Funk the answer is yes.  However.  The low-income man was treated adversely and ignored.  Which is not only a violation of their “bible” but a violation of the BC Human Rights Commission.  That kind of discrimination is not only immoral it is illegal.

However. the new Pastor must not continue this toxic and demonic hate. Join us in contacting the new pastor matt@wchurch.ca and demand an apology.

We will keep you updated on this serious issue.  If you have been treated adversely by this “westside church” or Pastor “funk” or Pastor “james” Please click here and file a complaint with the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

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