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After the horrible abuse a non-white citizen suffered at the Vancouver Anytime Fitness Corruption BC had to go public.

We guess if every person took a minute to see all the Vancouver Anytime Fitness Better Business Bureau complaints there would be less victims.

There are many complaints that range from customer service to deceitful  / false advertising practices.  Such as their FREE 7 DAY TRIAL !!

Below you will see the experience of consumers regarding Anytime Fitness Advertising.  Let’s begin with Kris Knights bad experience with the “free 7 day trial” that Anytime Fitness.  You will notice that Anytime Fitness wanted 55 dollars AND the banking info before they can use t he FREE 7 DAY TRIAL?

No fine print. they offer a 7 day trial and when I get there they need a $55 dollar deposit and my banking info. should definitely let someone know that before they show up. 🙁 I don’t give my banking info up unless I’m actually a member.

What can Kris do when he gets the bad news that the “Free Trial” is not free but expensive and requires access to your bank?  Anytime Fitness is a huge cooperation so they can crush the little guy.

Consumers can file a complaint here.   Consumer Protection BC oversees the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act.

As you will notice Anytime Fitness is clearly engaging in breaking the law and should face justice.


Consumer Protection BC is responsible for regulating and enforcing the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act, which includes broad prohibitions against businesses engaging in deceptive acts or practices. These provisions are in place to help protect consumers against businesses that intentionally use misleading or deceiving tactics. The law defines what constitutes as a deceptive act or practice, and provides sanctions Consumer Protection BC may impose on businesses who have been found to have engaged in such behaviour.


By law, businesses in BC:

  • • Must fully and clearly disclose all material information in ads and descriptions
  • • Must not make any representation that deceives or misleads a consumer
  • • Bear the burden of proof that a deceptive act or practices was not committed, if one is alleged to have occurred
  • • Should avoid disclaimers (putting a disclaimer on an ad may not protect from charges of misleading practices)

And just in case you think they have changed their ways.  Just recently in July 2021 Anytime Fitness Vancouver again distressed and defrauded a non-white citizen with the same criminal scheme.  This time they even sent a  “confirmation number”   Please see the email sent from Anytime Fitness below:

Thank you for signing up for a free, no obligation, 7-day trial at Anytime Fitness. To arrange a visit during staffed hours, please contact the gym at the phone number or email address below. Then show this email when you visit the gym. See you soon!

Guest Name: John Zakharia
Confirmation #: 36780

Club Name: Vancouver
Address 1: 200 – 1015 Denman St
Address 2:
City: Vancouver
State: British Columbia
Zip: V6G 2M4
Email Address:
Phone: (778) 379-2211


However. When the non-white citizen contacted them they said they will not honour it but will take his money if he wants to purchase a membership because they have a “special deal” for him !! When he shared his distress with the Anytime salesperson, all he got was gaslighted.

To add insult to injury. The non-white citizen contacted the Anytime and shared the bad experience with Tony Nicholson the franchise manager for Anytime Fitness.  Tony Nicholson was a complete jerk and even increased the abuse.  Tony Nicholson started sending the victim franchise info.  I repeat. Tony Nicholson  started sending the victim franchise info.

Enough said.  We now agree to boycott Anytime Fitness Vancouver.

And leave your reviews on Google Maps to protect others.

Sincerely.  Corruption BC


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