OPCC and Female Police Officers?


Just because you slap a badge on somebody doesn’t make what they do right, and obviously doesn’t magically change their character. People need to let go of the myth that the cops are heroes. They’re simply government’s private thugs

For those who are ethical and lawful, the ability to reason without corruption impeding your reasoning will always help you arrive at the truth. However for those who act in biases, political correctness, with prejudice, and with stereotypes then they are on the road to corruption.

After we saw Christy Clark, the most powerful woman in BC, make false accusations, who would not agree that women less powerful than her are also making false accusations?

However.  The Office of Police Complaints Commissioner, who has a history of being accussed of corruption must be held accountable for allowing females to make false accusations without impunity.

Just recently, Jake Kislock, an Investigative Analyst for the Office of Police Complaints Commissioner was faced with a complaint from a low income middle-eastern man living in an SRO.  The complaint was against a high status, white anglo protestant police officer  Daniel GAUTHIER (2939)

However.  Jake Kislock, an Investigative Analyst for the Office of Police Complaints Commissioner surprised no one when he choose to act like a SHAMELESS COWARD and considered the complaint of the poor man living in an SRO as “INADMISSIBLE”

However.   Did the head of OFCC, Stan Lowe or Ross Poulton, see Jake Kislock Facebook Page before they hired him to act as an Analyst?  Were they ok with him being a “ladies man”?  Did they think he would act without bias and prejudice?

Here is the threatening letter that the bully officer sent the middle-eastern man living in a SRO


Davina johal, a Vancouver Convention Center supervisor, was consistent with abusing the innocent when she had the man fired for reporting her.  WHAT IS MOST SHOCKING AND MALICIOUS IS THAT SHE EVEN COMMITTED AN ULTIMATE ACT OF EVIL AND TRIED TO HAVE HIM BANNED FROM EVEN ATTENDING THE VANCOUVER CONVENTION CENTER, EVEN A PUBLIC EVENT.

It was stunning that Jake Kislock,  when he read the complaint of a poor man living in an SRO who is partially blind, took the side of an elite, female white anglo saxon powerful officer who was threatening, humiliating and distressing a poor man living in a SRO.

 Jake Kislock, had no problem with the kind of misconduct and abuse.   Which speaks to his crooked and disgraceful conduct.

The poor middle-eastern living in a SRO complained that his side was not heard and that his rights were violated.

 Unless a “one-sided” investigation is the new protocol?. Which is not.

What is also more incriminating is that Jack Kislock never requested to read the letter either because he already made his mind to act corruptly or he is incompetent.

Either explanation should cause concern for Stan Lowe, Ross Poulton and of course the public who pay their salaries.

 Moreover. Jack Kislock also lied in his disgraceful inadmissibility decision when he stated that the sro man had the opportunity to offer his side,

Jake is either an evil liar or a shameful coward because Jake refused to admit that the letter WAS ALREADY TYPED UP and in the hands of the officer BEFORE she even knocked on his door.  While the neighbours were watching.

 Stan Lowe the director of OPCC and/or Rollie Woods, deputy commissioner, did nothing even though the facts above were true.

In the past the OPCC has been accused of acting like shameless cowards and acting with dishonesty and corruption

 Jake Kislock is a textbook example of a politically correct, corrupt, spineless coward who will do anything to maintain the status quo.

.Jake Kislock is well aware that the middle-eastern, living in an SRO is powerless and cannot sue Jake.  That is a disgrace not only to society but a disgrace to Jakes own family.

Jake KislockIn conclusion.  Jake Kislock who, either wants to be a ladies man, or continue the pattern of corruption decided NOT ONLY take the side of the abuser, but even had the crooked and disgraceful audacity to consider the middle-eastern man’s complaint as INADMISSIBLE.

Moreover.   Any non-corrupt citizen will admit that there 100’s if not 1000’s of female police officers in BC.  But almost none are being disciplined for any misconduct.  Here is the OPCC website of hearings in case you want proof


To respect your time we will keep this short.

After watching this short documentary we hope you will join the 1000’s who are stunned why these corrupt officials, who get over 100 000 thousands of dollars a year are not in jail.





Rollie Woods Deputy Police Complaint Commissioner . 250 356-7458

The abuse and threats that Officer Daniel GAUTHIER (2939) committed should not go without impunity.

 Justice for one is justice for all.  Thank you


Jake Kislock, an Investigative Analyst for the Office of Police Complaints Commissioner


If you want to read more acts of cover ups and corruption just visit here


Just recently. B.C.’s Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner colluded with the VPD in a cover-up when another VPD officer assaulted a SRO tenant which was caught on video.



(List of OPCC employees)





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