Fassbender caught campaigning with tax dollars for the second time in a week: NDP

Peter Fassbender presenting a cheque
Peter Fassbender presenting a cheque

LESS than one week after Liberal MLA Peter Fassbender was forced to apologize for using tax dollars to benefit the BC Liberal re-election campaign (“I own this, I should never have done it. It’s a mistake and it will never happen again, I can assure you. I know the difference”), video has surfaced of Fassbender, and Liberal MLAs Amrik Virk and Marvin Hunt delivering another government cheque – this time joined by BC Liberal candidates Brenda Locke, Puneet Sandhar, and Sargy Chima at the Laxmi Narayan Mandir Surrey.

The video, uploaded to Facebook under the title “Presentation by the BC Liberals at Mandir,” shows another attempt to use tax dollars to help elect BC Liberal candidates, said the NDP.

The three candidates joined Fassbender, Virk and Hunt at the front of the room for the start of the event, where they were acknowledged by the MC before being asked to take their seats again

During his remarks, Fassbender was sure to acknowledge the candidates in attendance: “I want to say on behalf of Premier Clark, my colleagues, the existing MLAs from here in Surrey and our future MLAs, how much we appreciate the hard work that you do…”

A short time later, the candidates returned to the front of the room for a photo op with the government MLAs, the cheque still visible in the hands of one of the organization’s board members.

Marvin Hunt, Amrik Virk and Peter Fassbender.
Photos: Facebook video

The video:


“British Columbians are questioning whether Christy Clark’s Liberals are serious when they

The three Surrey MLAS with candidates Brenda Locke, Puneet Sandhar, and Sargy Chima.

promise to finally start doing the right thing for people. Last week, Peter Fassbender apologized for using people’s hard-earned tax dollars to benefit his re-election campaign, promising this kind of thing would never happen again. Six days later, British Columbians have their answer: Christy Clark does the right thing for herself and her rich donors, and British Columbians are paying the price,” said Mike Farnworth, NDP candidate in Port Coquitlam

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