Chief Librarian of the Downtown Vancouver Public Library report

October 2018 UPDATE.  MS. Singh has been transferred.

Sandra Singh is the Chief librarian of the Vancouver Public Library.  However, were you aware that Sandra Singh states on her bio that she was a Cybrarian at Vancouver’s online learning community  However she neglects to mention that is no longer in business.

  1. Sandra Singh states that she was THE PRESIDENT OF THE CANADIAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. However under her leadership the WHOLE association ended, or dissolved. This was her explanation:    “What happens in a Federation model like this, when it works well, is that the combined strength of these really diverse organizations results in the whole being greater than the sum of its parts,” explained Sandra Singh, current CLA president and chief librarian at the Vancouver Public Library.
  2. Sandra Singh does not reveal or decided to conceal that she failed at her attempt to be the YWCA WOMEN OF DISTINCTION in 2015

Is there a connection with her behaviors and the bad endings we just read above?  I think so.
Now, lets look at the next behaviors, which was stunningly corrupt and severely mean-spirited.

IN July of 2016 Ms. Singh supported a witch hunt against a middle-eastern man, who happens to be partially blind, and living below poverty.  Here is the full story

What is even most shocking and bluntly unprofessional was that Sandra Singh even supported the

John Downey Vancouver Public Library threats and harassment and lies.  She did not care to separate the lies from the truth because that would expose her and her friend Jon Downey, whom we see together in the garden on the roof, while tax payers pay for her salary and for the legal bills and lawyers, which will amount to over 30 000 dollars.

If Sandra Singh claims to have the level of a “Chief Librarian” then she should know what these concepts mean and not act reckless or be ignorant to them. Please read:

Justified true belief is a definition of knowledge that is most frequently credited to Plato and his dialogues. The concept of justified true belief states that in order to know that a given proposition is true, one must not only believe the relevant true proposition, but also have justification for doing so.


Clifford’s Principle) “It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone to believe anything on insufficient evidence.



Mary Lynn Baum
Carellin Brooks
Amanda Card
Jennifer Chan, Vice Chair
Kyla Epstein, Chair
Sukhdev (Suki) Grewal
Karen Hoffmann
Sarah Kirby-Yung
Raji Mangat
Gordon Ross
John Schaub, Vice Chair
Rhonda Sherwood
Tim Stevenson City Councillor

Fax: 604-331-4080



If you need to contact Ms. Singh, her contact info is


Executive assistant
Chrysalyn Tolentino



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