Surrey RCMP intimidating and threatening the poor on behalf the rich.

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Constable Jeffrey Charpentier, or Jeff Charpentier with the Surrey RCMP had not problem denying the good citizen his right to present his side and his right to ask for evidence.  If that is true than Constable Jeffrey Charpentier, or Jeff Charpentier’s actions are a clear breach of public trust and a hate-crime because the good citizen is a low-income, middle-eastern man who is partially blind

Please help us seek justice against the reprehensible actions of a spin studio called Spinhouse Fleetwood and of course also the Surrey RCMP located in Surrey BC.

When a good citizen, who happens to be poor and middle-eastern, spoke up against the inequality and bias happening at Spinhouse Fleetwood.  Spinhouse Fleetwood tried to have the police intimate and harass the good citizen.  You will see from the video below the heavy handed and malicious actions of Spinhouse Fleetwood and the Surrey RCMP who have no problem acting like the personal gestapo for the rich and highfliers.It seems to me that Spinhouse Fleetwood most likely has friends or customers who are Surrey RCMP officers.  Which is why you must file a complaint to the Senior RCMP staff here.

These high-fliers are unafraid of being charged with fabricating evidence, because they know their victim is too poor to have them face justice:

Fabricating evidence Every one who, with intent to mislead, fabricates anything with intent that it shall be used as evidence in a judicial proceeding, existing or proposed, by any means other than perjury or incitement to perjury is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.

Constable Jeffrey Charpentier, or Jeff Charpentier had not problem denying the good citizen his right to present his side and his right to ask for evidence.  If that is true than Constable Jeffrey Charpentier, or Jeff Charpentier’s actions are a clear breach of public trust and a hate-crime because the good citizen is a low-income, middle-eastern man who is partially blind.

The Surrey RCMP in the past did intimate and harass the poor. However. When we filed formal complaints against them, we are now subject to retaliation and vengeance from the Surrey RCMP.  No wonder why Surrey want them gone.

As you can see that there is no equality at this business.  Even the Prime Minister of Canada, had a 50% male to female ratio.

spinhouse fleetwood reviews
Do you see any men?  Any blacks?  Is this typical Metro Vancouver?


Now watch below the Prime Minister of Canada promoting a 50/50 male and female ratio and encourages all Canadians to do the same.
However when we complain and got rightfully upset that Spinhouse Fleetwood is not practising equality, instead of Spinhouse Fleetwood apologize they try to get a corrupt and bias Surrey RCMP officer to harass, threaten and intimate the low-income middle eastern man.  That is corruption 101 and we are sure you agree.

As you will clearly see in the video below.  The officers come to the good citizens door and threaten

him and intimate him without any evidence.  You will see in the video that the good citizen repeatedly asked for evidence but no evidence was provided.  Just the regular ridiculous breach of fairness and ethics.   Notice from the video the police even intimated the poor man’s right to free speech? Any defamation is a Civil matter not a criminal matter. However.  They know the poor cannot afford a lawyer and that the infamous office of Police Complaints Commission are bias against the poor and even more bias when the poor is a middle-eastern man.

The rich at Spinhouse Fleetwood are well aware of this political and social bias and decided to leverage it and encourage the abuse of taxpayers money and tie up police from protecting the public.  Spinhouse Fleetwood is also well aware that corrupt officers will act like sycophants at a drop of hat.

How much did taxpayers pay for this deplorable act?  Please watch the attack on a good citizen when he tried to promote quality at Spinhouse Fleetwood in Surrey.

Thanks to the power of Internet.  The owners of Spinhouse Fleetwood cannot get a friend or customer that works for the RCMP to attack and hassass a good citzen.  Please join us in seeking justice and contact the Senior RCMP staff at

Thank you

Also. For those who are not from Vancouver.  Please read below how prominent is the bias and racism in Vancouver.

Below is the MAYOR OF VANCOUVER apologizing to middle-eastern men for being called terrorists. 

Unfortunately many Vancouver residents share a prejudice against

Middle-Eastern man.  Recently Vancouver has been marked vancouver prejudice with a shameful prejudice of middle-eastern men. For instance– in 2017, when a few middle-eastern men took a few pictures of the main shopping mall, all of a sudden, they were in the NEWS and suspected of being terrorists.The good news is that when the middle-eastern men defended themselves and proved they were just shopping.  They also went public (like we are doing now).  That then caused or forced the mayor of Vancouver to publicly apologize.  Thank goodness it got into the local news.  Click here to read that the middle-eastern men in that incident could have sued, however accepted the apology the city.

Lastly. Some food for thought.  It seems that Constable Jeffrey Charpentier, or Jeff Charpentier of the Surrey RCMP has no problem committing this fallacy.  Either because he is a criminal or just reckless.




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