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After hearing and personal witnessing the horrible treatment a volunteer and benefactor suffered at the hands of  Tara Chang-Swanson, a manager at Mission Possible, we had to go public in order to protect others–and obtain justice for the volunteer/benefactor.

 Tara Chang-Swanson CANCELLED VITAMIN C JUICE FOR HUNDREDS OF HOMELESS.  After you read the facts you will see a textbook example of “hook and crook” ; Skills that Ms. Tara Chang-Swanson is an expert in.

Mission Possible is an organization that claims to help from low-income people to those suffering a variety of barriers such as homelessness, substance abuse, mental health issues etc.  That then leads them to solicit tens of thousands of dollars from the community.   However, the community only sees the shiny side of Mission Possible and never gets a chance to see the non-shiny side.  The huge portion of the money goes to the numerous staff they hire.   However, the community assumes that the staff that Mission Possible hires are ostensibly – professional, respectful, and not mean-spirted full of vitriol and hate.  To begin with, 76% are women, yet over 70 % of homeless are men.  Thus we already see an agreed upon fact.   A bias and a prejudice,  Also.  Not one black man.  Why?

Now let’s get specific.  October of 2022 a volunteer who donates 200 dollars a month to Mission Possible and several hours of his time was a victim of  Tara Chang-Swanson’s vitriol.   Her bad faith misconduct lead to 100s of homeless people, some who eat out of a garbage, to be deprived of Vitamin C juice.  Anyone with a sane mind would agree the most heartless and soulless person is one who distresses the poor.

The volunteer, who happens to be a non-white male, was helping for weeks and appreciated by dozens of volunteers and 100s of homeless people, with photo evidence.  He even spend more money on helping the cooks with cooking utensils be taking a bus to the restaurant supply store and paying with his own money.   However.  One Saturday he was approached by one of the Mission Possible staff known as Mira Kuroyedov instead of thanking him for his good citizen behavior she informs him that she has a degree in “feminist philosophy,” which was at best an odd thing to tell someone who is volunteering.

Many of you are aware that “feminist philosophy” studies full social, economic, and political equality for women.  However they often conclude that men are the adversaries.  And we see that when the Mission Possible staff are 76 % women?

To summarize.   That is how the non-white male volunteer was treated, like an adversary.  Which is quit disturbing and no place for an organization that claims to be a “charitable.”

It is chilling that all the non-white volunteer and benefactor did which caused Tara Chang to cancel Vitamin C juice for hundreds was when he corrected her co worker known as Lucy Hoang,

October 15th at a Saturday morning breakfast Ms Hoang was instructing the volunteers however she did forget to mention the emergency exits and the location of the First-Aid.   The volunteer quickly raised his hand and reminded Ms. Hoang that she forgot to mention the emergency exits.  Which she then publicly admitted that she did forget such an important statement.  However then the malice and hostility began.  Ms. Hoang became extremely hostile and mean-spirited to the non-white volunteer and benefactor.    She would ignore his messages, and, then even make spurious accusations against him which is absolutely very narcissistic and and definitely not professional.

However. Ms. Hoang in her own words proves that she is narcissistic and a gas-lighter.  All one has to do is read Ms. Hoang texts below.   First.  You will see how she contacts the non-white volunteer and wants him to show up a 7 am on a Saturday morning to do kitchen work such as dishwashing.

Lucy Hoang

And incase if you are wondering. Yes. The non-white volunteer did show up at 7 am and washed dishes. and. helped until 10 am.  This also proves that they are having problems keeping volunteers.  I wonder why?

Then a few days later.  The benefactor and volunteer decided to contact Mission Possible to report the Ms. Hoang incident.  He spoke to a Ida Wang who was very misleading and dishonest.  Ms. Wang OSTENSIBLY stated that she would be professional and arrange a meeting with Tara Chang-Swanson  As such. The benefactor/volunteer was hopeful the truth would prevail and was not expecting a witch hunt.    Unfortunately, the volunteer/benefactor wasn’t aware that Mission Possible is controlled by a “cabal” of women.  I guess all he had to do was to visit their website www.mission-possible.ca/about-us#staff.  Where you see that 76% are women.  And while you are on that page you notice that. Ms. Hoang is the one in a skimpy dress.   Linkedin even wrote about about BARE SHOULDERS AND PROFESSIONALISM, saying it is a liability and unprofessional.


 Returning to the malicious and heartless acts of Ms. Tara Chang-Swanson.   Instead of Ms. Tara acting professional and arranging a meeting, or,  even a 2 minute conversation on the phone with a volunteer who has been volunteering for several weeks and donated hundreds of dollars,  Instead.  Ms. Tara chose the to follow the disgraceful Former Governor General of Canada Julie Payette who was finally caught and removed for creating a toxic climate of harassment and verbal abuse at Rideau Hall.  CBC reports that there was a ‘A victim at every meeting’ During meetings with staff, sources said, Payette has been known to “grill” employees on files unrelated to the meeting topic.

Tara Chang-Swanson treated a volunteer for several week and who gave several hundreds of dollars in donations like he was a person with no rights. Tara Chang-Swanson engaged in foolish falsehoods and was viciously hostile having no problems depriving 100s of poor people, some who eat out of a garbage, from a healthy 16 oz of Vitamin C juice.

If that is not chilling enough, again, Ms. Tara followed the disgraced bully General of Canada Julie Payette and threatened the volunteer/benefactor because. Ms. Chang was afraid incase he spoke to witnesses who would be outraged at Ms. Chang.  Ms. Tara threatened the volunteer/benefactor to no come near the people he helped or volunteered with.  We guess she was afraid he might expose her as a liar and a bully, which would end her career likeGeneral of Canada Julie Payette’s career was ended.   In a just world Ms. Chang would face justice.  However and unfortunately it will have to take more victims just like it did until General of Canada Julie Payette was removed.

To conclude.  Please help us seek justice.  1) Contact Matthew Smedley, who is ostensibly the ceo.   However. He is most likely afraid of the cabal of females at Mission Possible.  2) Contact the Board of Directors and demand they make sure that Ms. Tang, “does not come near the Saturday Morning Breakfasts”.  There are are 100s of unemployed females who are wiling to replace her and much more professional.




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