Friday November 6 2020

Regarding Air Canada.   Let’s begin with agreed upon facts.  The Better Business Bureau has given them the lowest rating possible, an “F” rating.  Is it because people like us and offices who deal with Airline Complaints are not acting?

air canada bbb
air canada better business bureau

This is very serious complaint. Regarding an Air Canada employee, Michael Stein, who traumatized and horrified a paying customer, a non-white citizen and partially blind. The level of abuse he suffered is insidious. The actions of Michael Stein were true acts of fraud and malice.

You will see from the phone records.  It begins when the paying customer called air canada customer service on November 2nd at 8 28 pm (pst). The first conversation was for 50 minutes.  Then it doubled and quadrupled.  This does not include all the calls to Master Card and Bank of Montreal etc.

Moreover. The air canada customer service rep said that he was working from home and sounded distracted. then the paying customer gave him his credit card number and even my ecoupon number and password.

The rep that night is well aware that customer relations will not make an attempt to identify him which is why Air Canada has an F rating, an agreed upon fact.

Then the nightmare began and another “F” rating was giving birth.

The Air Canada rep told the customer that his credit card is not working.  Which was a lie.   

However then the Air Canada Agent charged 760 dollars for absolutely nothing.   What is most pernicious is that after charging the customer 760 dollars, the Air Canada rep then asked the customer for another card. 

Was the Air Canada Rep collecting card numbers?  Because right after the Air Canada Rep took 760 dollars from the customers Master Card, the Air Canada Rep asked the customer for his BMO debit card.  He said that his credit card was not working.  Which was a lie.

Then the Air Canada Rep threatened the customer and said that he will not be booked if he does not submit his other card, a BMO debit card.  As such. The customer who is partially blind submitted his BMO debit card.  And guess what?   The Air Canada Rep charged the partially, non-white citizen, ANOTHER 760 DOLLARS !!!


Now if you thought it can’t get any worse, it does.  And in case you are wondering why Air Canada did not even qualify for a. “D” rating is most likely for the next piece of evidence.

Right after the Air Canada Rep took 1520 dollars and the victim got nothing. The Air Canada Rep, decided to go for the JACKPOT. Because the Air Canada Rep, then asked the victim for his 200 dollars travel voucher.  And guess what?  Yep.  The Air Canada Agent drained that also.  And of course we have evidence.


So after the 50 minute crime the customer finally clued in and said to the Air Canada rep that he has lost 1720 dollars and even gave him proof to the rep. But the rep hung up in the victims face.  The perfect 1720 dollar crime?

To continue.  After a few minutes the victim called back and spoke to another rep, the new rep advised the victim to email the Customer Relations Dept the next day. Which he did.

The next day when the victim emailed Air Canada Customer relations a Michael Stein intercepted the complaint and decided that was the perfect time to take revenge against the victim because Michael Stein was forced into doing the right thing in a previous, separate complaint. Which you guessed it, involved another Air Canada Customer Abuse case.

As such. Michael Stein, an Air Canada Customer Relations rep helped the offender and covered up for the offender.  Just that is grounds for dismissal.  Michael Stein even saw evidence that the victim only has 82 dollars in his bank account but Michael Stein knew the victim was poor and cannot afford justice.


The victim was very professional and even made sure he had all the facts. The victim showed Michael Stein the BMO Approval number and Merchant ID number (XXX43Z and XXX000322864)  (available upon request). 


As slick and deceptive and malicious Michael Stein is. He will have to admit that in order for that 200 dollar voucher to go down to zero there must have been a transaction.  So Michael Stein cannot weasel himself out of this recent offence.

If that is not egregious enough. Michael Stein was again cold-blooded and heartless when he was told that the rep who took 1720 dollars from the victim STILL has his bank info and credit card information, even now, while you are reading this.

Please note that Michael Stein could have just either honoured the reservation or return the victims money back.  Very simple.   The victim is on a fixed income and had 82 dollars left.  AND, IF HE TRYS TO BOOK NOW FOR DECEMBER THE PRICES ARE HIGHER.

Lastly. When the victim brought the actions of Michael Stein to Christine Brown, who is another Air Canada Customer Relations rep, she was very sympathetic.  She said that he should give Michael Stein his phone number so that Michael Stein could call him regarding the 1720 theft.  However. Michael Stein is too much of a monster to call a low income victim who now has 82 dollars in the bank and just lost 1720 dollars.  Which is nice to end on another solid fact, which is that Michael Stein refused to call the victim, even when Christine Brown recommended that he does.

We trust the executives at Air Canada will not allow this monster to victimize any more people.  There is nothing below an “F” rating.  Help us prevent future victims.


Just want to add that there is the so called “Air Passenger Protection”.  They are “supposed” to protect consumers. This case will reveal their true colors.

Here is their link for complaints.

Tel.: 1-888-222-2592
Fax: 819-997-6727 

We will keep you updated regarding the action they took.




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