Paul Mochrie participates in corruption and abuse of the homeless

Paul Mochrie

Paul Mochrie is responsible for the joint management of the City of Vancouver and oversees the Emergency Management

Paul Mochrie
Paul Mochrie

Department within the City Manager’s Office. He joined the City in May 2011 as the general manager, Human Resource Services

It is absolutely disgraceful and a serious act of malfeasance when he supported the abuse of a homeless worker and even sanitized the actions of his staff.

Paul Mochrie did not take any action either because he is complicit with the malfeasance, or too afraid of the hostility of the witch hunt below. Please read:

Rennie Keates
Blocked a man from eating because he criticized her in an email.

Those who have a formal education will recall the famous phrase: “power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely

Rennie Keates, the Director of Gathering Place, who taxpayers pay her over 100 000 thousand dollars a year must be fired for her most recent act of malice. She has denied a homeless advocate the right to eat and even blocked him from legal services, shelter. All because he tried to get more food for the homeless.

Rennie Keates is another “woman in power” who thinks that she can get away with bullying and intimidation. Is it possible because ANOTHER woman in power is above her? Kathleen Llewellyn-Thomas who is the executive for oversight of Gathering Place Community Center Were you aware that Kathleen Llewellyn-Thomas was FIRED from Toronto City hall only after a few months in office?

Kathleen Llewellyn-Thomas
Will Kathleen Llewellyn-Thomas protect the “other woman in power”?

Johnny Zakharia, A homeless advocate and founder of BC Homeless Advocacy, several times brought to Rennie’s attention via email that her cafeteria is constantly running out of breakfast, leaving many to go hungry and suffer needlessly.

However either, Ms. Keates considers middle-eastern men unworthy of giving her feedback, or just considers men inferior and undeserving of basic human respect. What is worse is that Mr. Keates who gets 100k a year decided to block the homeless advocate from even EATING a low-income meal.

Ms. Keates must be fired for her August 4th 2016 breach of public trust and professional misconduct when she blocked the founder of BC Homeless Advocacy FROM EATING.

Please let us repeat that in case you missed that

August 4th 2016 Ms. Keates blocked the founder of BC Homeless Advocacy FROM EATING at the cafeteria because he criticized her via email.

When he arrived to eat, the staff instructed him that he cannot eat and that he has to leave.

Please note that almost all the staff know Johnny Zakharia and deeply respect him. He even gave a couple of Christmas presents to a few staff. They were very upset to break the news to him but had to because of the big bully and malice of Ms. Keates.

Since Ms. Keates claims to have higher education then we will use higher level vocabulary and diction.

Ms. Keates is known to be “bumptious” (self-assertive or proud to an irritating degree).

Ms. Keates is known to act with “effrontery” (insolent or impertinent behavior).

Several volunteers and staff told the homeless advocate their experiences with Ms. Keates. That she is abusive and either ignorant or cold to the men who suffer hunger because her cafeteria runs out of breakfast. Is it possible she would take action if the majority of those not eating where women? Is gender politics an issue? We think so.

Since Ms. Keates is educated, then we can reasonably assume that when she blocked a homeless advocate from eating at the Gathering Place cafeteria just because he criticized her via an email–then we can safely predict that she will use her “grandiloquent” skills to weasel her way out of such an egregious and malicious act. (grandiloquentspeaking or expressed in a lofty style, often to the point of being pompous or bombastic.)

Ms. Keates must not go unpunished for her pathological attempts to inculcate the community and taxpayers with her mean-spirited and malicious ideology where she will block a poor person from eating because he criticized her via email. (Inculcate: instill an attitude, idea, or habit)

Especially when Ms. Keates attacks a magnanimous citizen who has helped 1000’s of homeless and has the top agencies and organizations following him on Social Media (

Ms. Keates must face the consequences for being such a megalomaniac (a person who is obsessed with their own power).

Who would not agree that when she blocked a good-citizen and homeless advocate from eating that she was clearly displaying her megalomaniac personality?

Please join us in seeking justice for the poor man who she blocked from eating and all those who leave hungry because of her cold and malicious personality.

In the past. We have all witnessed those who made homophobic comments were removed from their position. Then what about blocking a poor person from eating? Which is much worse and physiologically and biologically harmful.

Contact the following and demand that they take action against one of the most malicious abusers from a City of Vancouver employee in years.

Finally. Not only are taxpayers paying Rennie Keates over 100 000 dollars a year. But if you permit her malicious maleficence then you will be paying for the fees for her city attorney. Because if she gets sued, she knows, that taxpayers will pay for her attorney, which is another sign of her reckless and deviant misconduct.

You can begin by sharing this article.

Then you should contact

Sadhu Johnston, City Manager



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