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TURF CAFE DOWNTOWN OUT OF BUSINESSPlease join the community and boycott Turf Cafe or “Our Turf”.  They way they attacked a middle-eastern man is chilling.  Especially after he have them 1000s of dollars in business.  In 2022 they attacked with the most evil hatred one can imagine.  Then a few months later 50% of their cafes went out of business.  Is that Karma or what?

We are still waiting for the General Manager Angie Hartman to provide evidence why she would discriminate and accuse the middle eastern man.  She is a witness to the several years and 1000s of dollars he paid.  She refuses to reply.   Please join us in asking her for an explanation. 

This place is like a strange cult. And the management is run by these white power females. One of them shaved her head which was very frightening.

I would not give them your business.   Especially when you hear about their ridiculous fitness classes which are overpriced and very average.

What is most disturbing is their locker room, which is the smallest in the city.

The locker is a toilet and a urinal. Then a two feet away are two showers. Then there is the witch Hunts. Recently they engaged in a witch hunt against the customer who gave them thousands of dollars. All because he told them they need to have some black representation. I’m sure any RCMP profile will label those white power females as future inmates.

Lastly. They are so narcissistic that they think they can control the facts.. Wait until. you see the prices they charge for fitness classes. You can get much more. at Equinox Fitness. And you will be shocked when you find out what they charge for food. A clear proof that they are narcissistic

Please join us good citizens and keep away from these hostile and deceptive moral reprobates. Their motive operandi is to smear and lie and hate. Which is toxic and poisonous. The good news is that we see them suffering the consequences of their hate.

Just read other peoples reviews:

If I am going to pay $20 for a bulgur bowl from a fast-casual type place, it should really be fantastic. Instead, what I got was a tiiiiny portion that was almost completely unseasoned. I’m serious. It was about a cup of bland bulgur, topped with 2 kale leaves, a drizzle of tahini, and a tiny side of unseasoned salmon. I wish I had taken pictures. This was a few months ago now though… so maybe they’re using salt now?


We will leave some supplementary info below which caused the downfall of Turf Cafe Downtown

Justified true belief is a definition of knowledge that is most frequently credited to Plato and his dialogues. The concept of justified true belief states that in order to know that a given proposition is true, one must not only believe the relevant true proposition, but also have justification for doing so.


Clifford’s Principle) “It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone to believe anything on insufficient evidence.

Also.  Here is a one many negative reviews:

I stood at the cashier while she stared at me until I asked a question – no “hi, how can I help” or even acknowledging I was there. Asked for some information about a menu item and she didn’t know and didn’t offer to ask a colleague.

After ordering I waited 10 minutes for my smoothie only to be told no one was making it. I noticed a girl on her iPad get up to make it. She didn’t wash her hands, touched her nose and her hair. I stood watching while she made it and someone else who worked there asked if I needed something. I stated no but explained the person making my smoothie didn’t wash their hands. The person chuckled and walked off.

There are plenty of great places on 4th to get your smoothie and healthy bowl fix where the service is amazing and they are clean! Save yourself from this place!!!

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