In 2024 the corruption and discrimination and malfeasance is stronger than ever.

And again it is white city hall corrupt employees getting 200 000 year combined.

Please join is in contacting Mark McLellan, who is the Manager of the Property Use Inspections and demand he repremand these two moral reprobates and melfaeancants  604-873-7174, mark.mclellan@vancouver.ca

The first city of Vancouver staff is

Delaney Hendricks | Property Use Inspector
Development, Buildings & Licensing | City of Vancouver
515 West 10th Avenue|Vancouver BC|V57 4A8
604.871.6389 delaney.hendricks@vancouver.ca

In fall of 2023 a Middle-Eastern man was discriminated against at a gym called Spinco on Hastings street.  So the middle-eastern man filed a Small Claims court lawsuit against Spinco.  During the process the middle-eastern man found out that Spinco is operating without a business license.  As a good citizen the middle-eastern man reported that to Delaney Hendricks who handles businesses without a license.  We are sure you agree that those who do pay for their business licenses should be rewarded for their good conduct and those who don’t should face consquences.

However, either Delaney Hendricks has connections to that business or is prejudice toward middle-eastern men just like Spinco was.  Both scenarios are malfeasance at best and serious prejudice at worst.  Delaney Hendricks dragged her feet making it look like the middle-eastern man was complaining about the color of the building.  After a few weeks with no reply,  the middle-eastern man contacts Delaney Hendricks and asks her for the outcome.   The reply from Delaney Hendricks was that she is “investigating”.    What?  She is “investigating”?   It takes a minute to conclude that a business is licensed or not.  Remember.  The middle-eastern man discovered that Spinco did not have a business license from City Hall staff.  Who then told the middle-eastern man to contact Delaney Hendricks.

So if they found out in a seconds why did Delaney Hendricks take weeks?  Again to repeat.  The clerk at City Hall found out in seconds that Spinco is unlicensed.  And the clerk instructed the middle-eastern to report it to Delaney Hendricks.  Which he did. Anyone who can put 2 and 2 together can see the clear and concrete evidence of either malfeasance, and discrimination, and deceit.

As such.  After learning of this the middle-eastern man again contacted the city hall and asked for the name of Delaney Hendricks supervisor in order to have another pair of eyes look into this deviance.

After a few days the middle eastern man gets contacted by another white power narcissist, Darren Mitchell,  who gets 120 000 dollars a year of your money.

Darren Mitchell | Supervisor | Property Use Branch
Development, Buildings & Licensing | City of Vancouver
515 West 10th Avenue|Vancouver BC|V57 4A8
604.871.6432 darren.mitchell@vancouver.ca

At first Darren Mitchell, who gets 120 000 tried to portray himself as impartial and professional.  Darren Mitchell tells the middle eastern citizen that he handles complaints against Ms. Handricks who gets 80 000 a year.

The first RED FLAG was that Darren Mitchell did not want to communicate in writing.   He was hoping to gaslight the middle-eastern citizen into “calling him, and having a talk”.   However the middle-eastern man caught that and simply replied with, ” Is it possible if we communicate in writing”.  Basically a simple email exchange.  At first the good actor Darren Mitchell said, “sure we can communicate in writing”. Which was a shameless lie we found out later.   Because when the middle-eastern man asked a responsible citizen question to Darren Mitchell, all of a sudden Darren Mitchell refused to reply in writing.

All the middle-eastern citizen asked Darren Mitchell, which caused Darren Mitchell to panic and engage in malfeasance was a simple question.  Here is the question:

“Dear Mr. Mitchel, since you claim to be ok with communicating in writing, can you tell me the first day the middle-eastern man made the complaint against the unlicensed business?”

Which caused Darren Mitchell to display his corrupt and criminal side.  Because if Darren Mitchell answered that question he would be admitting that Ms Delaney took several weeks to determine if a business is unlicensed which is ridiculous and a reckless waste of your money, the taxpayer. However he did prove that he is “white-knighting” for Ms. Handricks, who could be related to him or another case of Cronyism .

As such. Darren Mitchell lied and is denying a middle-eastern taxpayer city services which is his right.


This of course lead to Darren Mitchell gaslighting the middle-eastern man which distressed the middle-eastern man, that lead to several email exchanges which helped Darren Mitchell devise a strategy to deceive and distort the facts.

Darren Mitchell then uses his other tongue to say that because the “language ” of the middle-eatern man does not meet the high and holy white power Darren Mitchell standards, that Darren Mitchell will be denying the middle eastern man all services.

Which proves that Darren Mitchell is committing malfeasance and at best a narcisist.  Because he has no problem with wasting thousands of dollars of taxpayers money, and allowing the unlicensed business to get away with their crime, AND would protect Ms. Handricks of any consquences.  The prefect crime.

Darren Mitchell is perfectly aware that he can get the Vancouver City lawyer to protect him and also knows the middle-eastern men in vancouver have no power and cant afford 1000s of dollars in an attempt to have Darren Mitchell face justice.

As as of January 2024 Darren Mitchell adds insult to injury. Darren Mitchell REFUSES TO DISCLOSE THE HAME OF HIS SUPERVISOR.  Darren Mitchell feels that middle-estern citizens don’t have a right to file a complaint against Darren Mitchell.

Please contact Mr. Mitchel and ask him why he is denying a middle-eatern services and abusing his power?

Darren Mitchell | Supervisor | Property Use Branch
Development, Buildings & Licensing | City of Vancouver
515 West 10th Avenue|Vancouver BC|V57 4A8
604.871.6432 darren.mitchell@vancouver.ca

As we recall, Vancouver has a history of  treating Middle-Easterns with bias and malice.

As we witnessed that many Vancouver residents share a prejudice against Middle-Eastern man.  Recently Vancouver has been marked vancouver prejudicewith a shameful prejudice of middle-eastern men. For instance– in 2018, when a few middle-eastern men took a few pictures of the main shopping mall, all of a sudden, they were in the NEWS and suspected of being terrorists.

The good news is that when the middle-eastern men defended themselves and proved they were just shopping.  They also went public (like we are doing now).  That then caused or forced the mayor of Vancouver to publicly apologize.

Then it got into the local news.  The middle-eastern men in that incident could have sued, however accepted the apology the city.



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