doctor bonnie henry
doctor bonnie henry

Many people where shocked with the atrocious decision that Doctor Bonnie Henry made recently to close houses of worship and keep bars open.

Please watch with your own eyes Bonnie Henry admitting that many of her decisions are not based on science.


Is this REALLY a pandemic? Look at these numbers from Health Canada as shared by the media as of November 15th, 2020…

172 deaths in ALL of Canada from COVID-19 outside of long term care homes. At first glance this is perplexing. Did they get the numbers wrong? But when you do the math….

10,953 (total deaths in Canada) minus 10,781 (deaths from long-term care homes) = 172 total deaths in all of Canada outside of long-term care homes.

Yes that’s 172. There has been 172 deaths in ALL of Canada over 9 months that have occurred OUTSIDE of long-term care homes.


It is a sad reality that it is affecting the elderly who are in long-term care. THIS is the population that needs the protection and the masks.

It is also a sad reality that is causing HUGE COLLATERAL DAMAGE, unnecessarily…excess non-covid deaths, permanent business closures, unemployment and poverty.

doctor bonnie henry
doctor bonnie henry
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    • Yes for sure they, should, to many people asleep believing the lamestrean news and lying Gov, they all belong in prison and charged with crimes against humanity and treason.

  1. Could you please post the source for your numbers. This came up recently after Sandi Rinaldo reported similar numbers on CTV but I was unable to verify toe data.


  2. Nothing is put on MSM unless it has the effect of moving the populace into a certai direction. Bark back at their “sheep dogs” as they have no real bite, they have no authority over any individual being. They do not carry the expicit permission to violate my person or my rights.This is an act of malice and disolves any policy thwarted upon us as failure to uphold the duties of their Office; To Serve And Protect

  3. While death is always sad, the number of nursing home deaths are quite usual. I’ve worked in facilities with excellent care, the mostly elderly residents have 1-3 comorbities, ie, conditions, any of which can kill them. Our elderly needed family and friends visiting, needed to see faces, expressions, smile, needed hugs, not masks and lockdowns. Someone ill shouldn’t be visiting a nursing home, but that’s routine common sense.

  4. Dr Bonnie, Adrian Dix and John Horgan need to be criminally charged for their part in this. Adrian Dix has already been kicked out of the NDP while in the Glen Clark government for lying. He’s proven to be untrustworthy, not sure why he’s holding the position he is.

  5. Do not forget about all of the mandate lockdown deaths.

    My daughter died due to the mandates.

    Carmalijta Baloun

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